21-22 June 2021 - Intelligent Robotic Wheelchair Forum. Berlin, Germany


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Wheelchair control based on facial gesture recognition

In this talk, an approach for controlling a wheelchair using gestures from the user's face is presented, In order to recognize the face gestures an Artificial Neural Network which is trained since it is one of the most successful classifiers in Pattern Recognition. In particular, our proposed method is useful for controlling a wheelchair when the user has restricted (or zero) mobility in some parts of the body such as: legs, arms or hands. According to their experimental results, the proposed approach provides a successful tool for controlling a wheelchair through a Natural User Interface based on machine learning.

Towards AI-enabled smart wheelchair system

A smart wheelchair is equipped with sensors, cameras, and computer-based systems that can significantly help to assist people with movement. An AI-enabled smart wheelchair can automatically help with movement using audio or visual cues. The need for controlling the wheelchair using a hand-held joystick is eliminated, which can prove highly beneficial for people suffering disabilities that restrict their hand movements. An advanced concept of a smart wheelchair is the integration of advanced technologies like computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Such an advanced smart wheelchair can sense obstacles in the path of commute using computer vision. It can then guide the user intelligently on the most favorable path. An autonomous smart wheelchair uses technology to make smart decisions on behalf of the user.